Testimonial - Jesi Crane

I just moved to town 2 weeks ago. I asked a girl at the gym if she knew of a good chiropractor. She recommended this place. I went to their website to see where they were located and to get more information. The website shows the different types of therapies that they offer. I was not sure about booking a 30 minute or 60 minute session so I emailed the practice. Bryan replied answering my questions thoroughly. He called the next day to see if I had any other questions and find out more about why I was looking. I booked a 30 minute initial appointment. I didn’t realize I needed to wear shorts but they conveniently had them for me to put on for the service. This was different than other massages that I have had, you actually wear your clothes. (shorts and a sports bra for females) During the session he made me very comfortable and explained his technique. My issues were with tightness and tension in my neck and shoulders and aching, tightness in my lower back. After the 30 minutes I felt much looser/more limber. I am excited to go back and eager to see how being treated by Carter Sport Therapy will help me in my daily life as well as my workouts. The office was clean, front desk woman was very kind and professional and I love the fact that they have a very Christian aura about the office. I will definitely go back and be recommending anyone I think could benefit from this type of massage.
— Jesi Crane
Bryan Carter