I’m a long-time client of Bryan and Carter Sport Therapy. I have weekly appointments to address short-term issues as well care to help me perform “at the top of my game.” A never-ending crick in my neck prompted me to schedule my first visit. After that, it became relief from long and short distance running stress. Now, Carter Sport Therapy prepares me for running, CrossFit, Spartan racing, etc., as well as the after effects from these events. I highly recommend them as a resource to help you perform at your best!
— Debbie S.
My husband and I could NOT be happier with the care we get from Carter Sport Therapy! As avid athletes who prioritize our physical health and mobility, we treat our bi-weekly sessions with Diana as indispensable components of our overall well-being and performance, just like sleeping and eating well. Her depth of knowledge also goes beyond just ‘pre-hab’ to keep us injury-free- she has recommended tiny lifestyle modifications to help keep those tweaks and twinges at bay, like switching sleeping positions and breaking poor posture habits. Pro tip- get the pillow she recommends!
— Kate & Jim B.
I absolutely LOVE Diana, Bryan, Heather & Carter Sport Therapy as a whole. I have never felt so wrapped up & listened to. As a retired D1 athlete, constantly told to “push through” & “tough it out”, I found a healthier (mentally, physically & emotionally) approach to healing through Diana. I came to Diana about a year ago with hip pain that was not manageable. I was told it was bursitis but was very much misdiagnosed. Diana took the bursitis diagnosis & helped me as much as she could. She is brilliant, works very hard to listen to your body without you even saying anything. After a few months, we had a real talk about my hip. I had torn my labrum (something I did twice to my shoulder) & she sent me in the right direction to get a real diagnosis. She encouraged me & listened to me without passing judgment. She has a heart for people & loves to REALLY help. Diana has seen me on an emergency-type basis & has been patient with me when I thought I could handle going without her (this is not the case). She kept me mobile when my hip should’ve shut down & I appreciate her hard work & her heart. All of the sports therapists at Carter Sport Therapy are amazing, I recommend them to everyone!
— Lindsey H.
Bryan is a legend. I’ve been seeing him for about 5 years now. I went to him after two years struggling with back pain and nerve pain. After two cortisone shots and no relief Bryan fixed me and got me back playing. I’ve been coming for maintenance and for any pain I may have and couldn’t be happier. Not only does he have a great personality but he really knows what he’s doing. Every time I’m in town I make sure to get an appointment. The best in the business hands down.

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