what we do


What we do

The short answer: we help people just like you to live life to the fullest potential. The long answer: we specialize in athletic performance, postural issues, injury recovery, injury prevention and flexibility enrichment. Whether you're an athlete, a busy mom, a business professional, or simply pursuing an active lifestyle we offer a variety of techniques to meet you right where you are. Here's a glimpse into what we can do to help:

Sports massage 

Tissue preparation before, during, and after activity/competition that lengthens myofascial tissue and muscle length, increases circulation and increases metabolic recovery.

Myofascial integration technique (MIT) 

Deep tissue work designed to restructure your muscles and soft tissue by creating space in the body. This allows for freedom in your range of motion and promotes the relief of many chronic painful conditions. As an active participant, you will be educated on the importance of strengthening exercises, flexibility, and movement intended to support a higher-level performance.


Myofascial integration structural technique (MIST)

MIST is simply advanced MIT work which results in a 10-session protocol that's both therapeutic and educational, allowing you to fully understand your body and actively improve your body's function. Ultimately these sessions improve breathing capacity, posture, movement, flexibility, body awareness and promote overall wellness.

active isolated stretching (ais)

An active-assisted stretch technique that increases tissue-joint movement and improves physiological function. AIS is great for increasing range of motion in joints, creating more fluid movement and unbinding tight muscles.

So, what is Fascia? 

You might be wondering what all this "fascia" talk is about. Fascia or myofascia is a highly dense and incredibly strong layer of tissue surrounding all your muscles and bones. Activating one's fascia through stretching, manipulation and massage has proven to not only release tension but also improve strength and flexibility. 

I didn’t know what was causing my pain but I did know that I could hardly lift my arms over my head. After a few sessions at Carter I was not only pain free but back to full mobility. They pretty much helped me get my life back.
— Hannah Collins